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Mlp Hearthstone page 3 by errieboy Mlp Hearthstone page 3 by errieboy
ok. We've got another big list of artists to go through, so here we go.
The timberwolf Goliath by: Assasinmonkey
Timberwolf by: gonedreamer
Applebuck Season by: YukiHyo
Chief Thunderhooves by: viwrastupr
Protective barrier by: AnaduKune
Rarity by: johnjoseco
Book of Knowledge by an unknown artist. Please comment so I can give them credit!
Flim & Flam by: sophiecabra
Tirek by: harwicks-art
Twilight by an unknown artist as well
Drain slash by: bamboodog
Super Cider Squeezy 6000 by: blue-paint-sea
Applejack by: Deathpwny
Posion Bow by: Gikat
Cadence by: adailey
Pinkie Pie by: Seer45
Zecora by: lustrous_dreams
Spike by: Equestria-prevails
and as last: Rainbow Dash by: tzolkine

Update: changed the protective barrier card to damage instead of only getting attacked.

Update 2: Cost of Zecora reduced from 5 mana to 4.

Update 3: Changed Rainbow Dash's cost from 6 to 7. Tirek now reads "Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to a minion. If this kills it, double the attack of your weapon." (and no, Tirek does not work on Gorehowl)

Update 4 (it just keeps coming XD): Changed Drain Slash to cost 4 mana up from 5. It's rarity is now changed to Epic rather then Common.

Update 5: Completely changed Chief Thunderhooves. Now does feel more original and is also no 6 cost (shamans get too many of those in this set >.<)

Update 6: (man this page might need to be re-worked completely by this point.) Timberwolf Goliath now only summons 1 4/4, instead of 3.
XDoodley Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
Wpuld have been cool to give spike an enrage +6 damage and charge as an homage to his transformation but cool work nonetheless
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